RE: Animal Farm Questions: Chapter Two

  1. What is Sugarcandy Mountain?
  2. What is the immediate cause of the Rebellion?
  3. What are the immediate results of the Rebellion?
  4. What are the Seven Commandments?
  5. What early indication does Orwell give to show that not all of the animals are treated equally?
  6.  In Chapter 2, are there any hints about possible future problems?
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5 Answers

2. Mr.Jones had recently been very drunk and his farm hands haven’t fed the animals in days. So they raid the store-shed. This wakes up Mr. Jones and his farm hands and they start to whip the animals, which just makes them mad, so they chase the men out on to the main road where they keep running. Mrs. Jones also makes a fleeting escape when she sees the commotion.

Answered on 23.06.2017.
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