RE: Discussion questions – Hobbit Chapter 13 “Not at Home”

  1. What was the only way out with the secret door closed?
  2. What did Bilbo find in the mountain of treasure?
  3. Who led the way out of the mountain?
  4. Where did they travel to after they left the front gate of Smaug’s stronghold?
  5. What is cram?
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Keep in mind that I am not 100% sure of the correct answers that I am going to write here for you because I have read this book long time ago.

  1. From my comprehension of the book it appears that the Dwarves are going to Erebor to recover their home and not soon after gold and the Arkenstone. This would clearly mean by one means or another disposing of the Dragon. That being stated, I simply thought that it was odd that they would travel all that path just to pivot and go home after they figured they couldn’t enter through the secret entry if their mission was to retake Erebor.
  2. Smaug’s weak spot as long as Bilbo was invisible and wearing his ring.
  3. Running River
  4.  –
  5. cram is a biscuit-like food made by the Men of Esgaroth and Dale.

Luckily I write my essay fast and had no problems with replying to your questions, just 4 not sure.

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