RE: Discussion questions – Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer: Why does Grenouille never consider himself

  1. Why does Grenouille never consider himself or others in terms of their humanity? Aside from his supernatural powers of smell, are human beings ever this detached and cruelly inhuman?
  2. What is the closest thing Grenouille has to a friend in this novel?
  3. Why does Father Terrier take Grenouille quickly to Madame Gaillard?
  4. When the Marquis takes Grenouille in, why is it not really for Grenouille’s betterment? What is his agenda?
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4. The Marquis springs on the opportunity of using this “wild man” as a proof for his theories of fluidum vitale. These exceedingly fantastic ideas involve some exhalation of the earth which somehow causes the deterioration and death of all who come in contact with it. The Marquis “rehabilitates” him with a therapy involving elevation above the earth and only eating foods grown above ground, knowing full well that Grenouille only needed a haircut and shave, a bath, and some new clothes to become “human” again.

Answered on 23.06.2017.
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