RE: Discussion questions – The Odyssey, Book 1: What is Olympus? Who meets there

  1. What is Olympus? Who meets there?
  2. What type of system of morality does Zeus invoke?
  3. Who is Telemachus? How old is he?
  4. Why does Athena mention Orestes to Telelmachus?
  5. Who is Odysseus and what has happened to him?
  6. What is happening to Penelope during Odysseus’ absence?
  7. Why is Poseidon angry?
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  1. What is Olympus? Who meets there?

Olympus is a greec mount which was one of the most important locations in ancient Greek mythology, the formal home of all the gods. These gods were called the Twelve Olympians. They were Zeus (god of the sky), Hera (wife of Zeus and goddess of marriage), Poseidon (god of the sea), Athena (goddess of reason), Apollo (god of music), Artemis (goddess of the hunt), Hestia (goddess of the hearth), Demeter (goddess of the harvest), Hermes (god of commerce), Aphrodite (goddess of love), Ares (god of war), and Hephaestus (god of the forge).  The Mount Olympus of Greek mythology is portrayed a bit differently than the mountain one would see today.  At its highest peak, the Olympus reaches nearly 1,000 feet above sea level and is steep, foreboding, and difficult to climb.  In Greek Mythology Mount Olympus was an ideal paradise where the weather was always perfect and the gods could enjoy their feasts of divine nectar and ambrosia.  In most of the stories where Mount Olympus is mentioned, Zeus and the other Olympians lived in palaces within the gorges that are prevalent on the mountain. It is here where the lives of the gods and goddesses fell into a rhythm similar to he way mortals lived.They slept, ate, socialized, and ruled from the mountaintop. Some stories indicate that each of the gods and goddesses had their own palaces. Other accounts indicate that they all lived in a central palace.

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