RE: Discussion questions – The Odyssey, Book 1: What is Olympus? Who meets there

  1. What is Olympus? Who meets there?
  2. What type of system of morality does Zeus invoke?
  3. Who is Telemachus? How old is he?
  4. Why does Athena mention Orestes to Telelmachus?
  5. Who is Odysseus and what has happened to him?
  6. What is happening to Penelope during Odysseus’ absence?
  7. Why is Poseidon angry?
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What type of system of morality does Zeus invoke?

The morality of Zeus referred to most often is that of the guardian of hospitality. Also justice was very much concern of Zeus, even if he is portrayed in Iliad. As the sovereign of gods, Zeus resembles human sovereign who safeguard and administer the themistes – the traditions and usages of justice. It makes sense, that Zeus in view of sovereignty should have an interest in justice. Zeus goals , among which vindicating Achilles and destroying troy were congruent with justice. The general morality was the dominion of Gods over humans with their irreversibility of Fate and good versus evil .

Answered on 14.06.2017.
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