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Discuss whether or not Fahrenheit 451 is an accurate portrayal of the society in which we live. Some theme to consider as you explore this topic are as follows: censorship, technology, violence, (one of the things that compares to society is that people kill for fun), education, and/or family relationship. In addition to using the novel as a major source, you must use at least three other sources in support of your opinion, comparisons, and/or contrasts.

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Fahrenheit 451 is an accurate portrayal of the society in which we live?

The writer of novel blames technological advances in all troubles of unspiritual society,  which pushes people to accelerate the rhythm of life. But the role of the government is also important here, which established the standards of life – more entertainment, less thoughts in the heads of its citizens. People should not be interested in history, politics, the world where they live. Therefore, the government comes up with a super-match – to burn all the books. As a result, people are dull, degraded, memory worsens. People are difficult to call people: they live in a contrived world of television, where their “relatives” are heroes of the series, they are driven into stereotypes.

It’s a right portrait of modern societies with its boom of mass culture, smartphones, social medias. People become surfers but not divers in questions of education and I see this novel is actual as never. Putting himself into the framework of standards, a person loses his true appearance. Moreover, watching TV (or social medias) for days on end, a person flies out of his own life: from now on he has no face, he is a puppet in the hands of Big Brother.  And who of us can say today that we are not poor victims of propaganda and bright advertising. We must try to find something truly valuable to not fall into world described by Bradbury. By the way, all these things have already existed. Just remember burning books by Hitler which inspired writer for this novel.

Answered on 28.06.2017.
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