RE: Hamlet Questions Act 3 Scene 4: Why does Polonius hide behind the Queen’s curtain

  1. Why does Polonius hide behind the Queen’s curtain? Does she know that he is there?
  2. Why does Hamlet kill Polonius?
  3. Whose portraits does Hamlet show Gertrude?  Why?
  4. When the Ghost reappears in Gertrude’s room, how does she react?  What does the Ghost tell Hamlet?
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4 Answers

2. Polonius hides behind the Queen’s arras. Hamlet doesn’t know who is behind the arras, he thinks that it is Claudius. He is striking out at a hidden person, a spy, who has started to shout for the palace guards. Hamlet reacts instinctively, without thought. His blood is already boiling because of his enraged confrontation with Gertrude.

Answered on 21.06.2017.
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