RE: Hamlet Questions Act 3 Scene 4: Why does Polonius hide behind the Queen’s curtain

  1. Why does Polonius hide behind the Queen’s curtain? Does she know that he is there?
  2. Why does Hamlet kill Polonius?
  3. Whose portraits does Hamlet show Gertrude?  Why?
  4. When the Ghost reappears in Gertrude’s room, how does she react?  What does the Ghost tell Hamlet?
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4 Answers

4. While in the middle of the speech, the Ghost appears in the third time, telling Hamlet to stop torturing his mother and to remember his duty to kill Claudius. At the ghost’s command, Hamlet consoles his mother. Gertrude, unable to see the ghost, sees Hamlet talking to thin air and resolves that he is indeed insane. The ghost exits.

Answered on 21.06.2017.
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