RE: Hamlet Questions Chapter Act I, Scene 2: How does the syntax of Hamlet’s language

16. How does the syntax of Hamlet’s language at lines 129–159 reflect the state of
his mind?
17. What about Horatio’s answer at line 162 is a signal to Hamlet that he may have
found a friend?
18. What are the reasons for Hamlet’s questions at lines 212 –239 ?
19. What is Hamlet’s immediate assumption about the reason for the appearance of
the Ghost?
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Shakespeare needs us to see that Hamlet is exceptionally aware of the potential outcomes of language. We see this not just from the Do My Assignment Cheap character’s own use of words all through the play, however in the scene Shakespeare gives him with the retainer Osric in the final scene of the play.

Answered on 31.07.2018.
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