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  1. Why is O’Brien such a revered and respected character, even during Winston’s time in the Ministry of Love?
  2. Outline the social hierarchy of Oceania. How does this hierarchy support the Party and its goals?
  3.  Is Winston sane or insane? How does our society determine what is sane and insane, appropriate behavior or deviant behavior, moral or immoral? If one person believes in an idea or creed that is totally different from or opposite to that of the entire society, is that person insane?
  4. Should a government restrict personal freedoms in order to decrease violence and crimes?
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4. The restriction of freedoms that a government practices is not entirely harmful. Although one should never be deprived from his personal freedom to speak, think, and write what he wills. These boundaries, stringent as they are, are more of a precaution to the government, in a sense that by preventing people from developing any thoughts of their own at all, the government presents a preemptive to stop any possible criminal actions in the future. However, this act of suppression can and most probably would cause the willpower to continue building up in the people and, over time, they will have a greater proclivity to rebel. 

Answered on 22.06.2017.
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