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  1. Why do you think the Party discourages love and emotional interaction between humans? Where do we see moments of true human emotion in the novel, and why do they seem significant? Similarly, where do we see moments of callousness (even from Winston)?
  2. Would you rather live under a totalitarian government that ensures everyone’s life will be peaceful and free from crime and inequality, or under a democratic government whose freedoms may encourage violence, inequality, and crimes?
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  1. The party may discourage love because if people love each other, they may put other people at a higher importance than the party. The party’s goal is to be put at prime importance in every party member’s mind. If people love each other, they are not thinking about how to cater for the party in every possible way. There are true moments of emotion throughout the novel. Winston missing his sister and his mother are moments of true emotion. They seem significant because there was real love between Winston and his family. Winston was infatuated by Julia; he was not in love with her. Near the end of the novel, Winston pretty much throwsJulia under the bus. He simply does not care anymore. When the Thought Police had arrested Julia and Winston, they beat Julia. They did not show any emotion when they hurt her.
Answered on 22.06.2017.
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