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1. Why would Fitzgerald write this from Nick Carraway’s point of view?
2. What is the relationship between Nick and the Buchanans?
3. Why does Daisy always speak in such exaggerated phrases?
4. Why does Daisy hope her child will be a “beautiful fool”?
5. Why does Daisy describe her youth as a “white girlhood”?
6. Why does Gatsby reach out to the water?
7. What might the green light symbolize?
8. Who is Nick Carraway? What do you know about him from the first chapter? (Focus particularly on his views, emotions, and reactions to others).
9. Who is Tom Buchanan? What do you know about him from the first chapter? (Focus on what he says, his physical descriptions, and actions).
10. Who is Daisy Buchanan? What do you know about her from the first chapter? (Focus on what she says and her actions).

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9. Tom Buchanan is Daisy’s extremely wealthy husband. He is the opposite of Nick – arrogant, intolerant, bully. In his social attitudes, we can spot racism and sexism. He thinks it is okay to have an affair (which he had), but at the same time when he suspects Daisy in having an affair he gets angry and wants to confront a man. He did not even try to change something in his attitudes.

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