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  1. Compare and contrast Ralph and Jack. How are the two boys alike, and how are they different? Write your answer in a paragraph, using examples from the text to support your response.
  2. Explain what each of the four major symbols in the novel—conch, glasses, fire, and beast—represents. Answer in a paragraph. Provide at least one example of each symbol’s role in the novel.
  3. Piggy asks in Chapter 5, “Are we humans or savages?” One theme present in the novel is that underneath the appearance of civilization, violence and disorder are ever-present possibilities in human life. Explain how this theme is conveyed in Lord of the Flies. Use evidence from the novel to support your response.
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The savior Naval Officer pretends to not understand the murderous intent of the boys because he needs to save not just Ralph, but Jack and all the other boys. The irony lies in what the Naval officer is saving them for. Who is William Golding who is obvious the Naval officer? Golding was a Naval Officer who had trained boys to be killers and to be killed in World War II. So the Naval officer is saving Ralph from being killed and is saving these murderous boys to be just boys again, so that they can be later trained as killers and potentially be killed in the future WW II.
The original Lord of the Flies shows the loss of innocence – even in a situation where such loss seemed unnecessary. It seems that the people proposing the remake still see that motif in modern day society and feel like we could all stand for another lesson in morals.  Get more answers at buy term papers cheap website.
Answered on 14.03.2018.
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