RE: Need online help Hobbit Chapter 7: Identify Beorn.


  1. Identify Beorn.
  2. Why did Gandalf introduce the dwarves a few at a time to Beorn?
  3. What news did Gandalf bring the dwarves about Beorn’s whereabouts?
  4. Beorn warned them about some things in Mirkwood. What?
  5. How do we know Beorn liked the travelers?
  6. Why did Gandalf leave Thorin & Co.?
  7. What were Gandalf’s parting words to the travelers as he left them at Mirkwood?
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9 Answers

1.Beorn is a man who lives beyond the Misty Mountains. He’s a huge fellow, very strong, and he can transform into the shape of the bear. Beorn is a little prickly and not too fond of strangers, but he absolutely, totally hates goblins. Thanks to his the-enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend logic, Beorn provides Gandalf, Bilbo, Thorin, and the other dwarves with a place to stay after they escape from the Misty Mountains.

Answered on 23.06.2017.
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