RE: Need online help Hobbit Chapter 8: Describe Mirkwood.


  1. Describe Mirkwood.
  2. How did the travelers cross the black water?
  3. What happened to Bombur at the black river crossing?
  4. What did Bilbo see from the top of the oak tree in Mirkwood?
  5. Why did the travelers leave the path?
  6. What happened when they entered the ring of light to beg for food?
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6 Answers
  1. In The Hobbit (and also mentioned in the Lord of the Rings books), Mirkwood is a forest that Thorin and Company travel through to get to the Lonely Mountain. It was once inhabited with very evil things, but now, the only things that inhabit it are Wood-elves and lone creatures. It is a dark place with queer noises.
Answered on 23.06.2017.
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