RE: The Catcher in the Rye help with homework Chapter 14

Chapter 14


  1. Is Holden religious? Supply proof for your answer.
  2. On page 103, Holden says, “I thought I was dying.” In Chapter 1 Holden says, “…I felt like I was sort of disappearing.” Find two statements he makes in this chapter to indicate his mental state.
  3. After Sunny leaves, what does Holden think about?
  4. Why does Sunny come back to Holden’s room?
  5. Back at Wooten, what had Holden often discussed with his friend Arthur Childs?
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Why does Sunny come back to Holden’s room?

Holden gets into bed and thinks about religion and Jesus. He considers himself an atheist. He hears a knock on his door and opens it, still wearing his pajamas. Maurice and the prostitute, Sunny, come into his room and demand five dollars. Holden refuses to give it to them, even when Maurice threatens him. Sunny takes Holden’s wallet and pulls out five dollars. He begins to cry and calls them thieves. Maurice snaps him in the privates, punches him in the gut, and leaves him crumpled on the floor. Holden pretends he’s been shot and fantasizes his revenge.

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