RE: The Catcher in the Rye help with homework Chapter 14

Chapter 14


  1. Is Holden religious? Supply proof for your answer.
  2. On page 103, Holden says, “I thought I was dying.” In Chapter 1 Holden says, “…I felt like I was sort of disappearing.” Find two statements he makes in this chapter to indicate his mental state.
  3. After Sunny leaves, what does Holden think about?
  4. Why does Sunny come back to Holden’s room?
  5. Back at Wooten, what had Holden often discussed with his friend Arthur Childs?
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Back at Wooten, what had Holden often discussed with his friend Arthur Childs?

It is dawn on Sunday by the time that Sunny exits.  Holden smokes a couple of cigarettes and reflects on his relationship with his deceased brother,  Allie, as well as his feelings about religion. He reflects on discussions he has had with Arthur Childs about Jesus and the disciples: “ I used to get in quite a few arguments about it, when I was at Whooton School, with this boy that lived down the corridor, Arthur Childs. Old Childs was a Quaker and all, and he read the Bible all the time. He was a very nice kid, and I liked him, but I could never see eye to eye with him on a lot of stuff in the Bible, especially the Disciples. He kept telling me if I didn’t like the Disciples, then I didn’t like Jesus and all”. Holden himself is a troubled soul and, like the man from the tombs, resists being tamed. Recall that he tells us his story from a mental health clinic or sanitarium in California. It is little wonder that Holden identifies with the madman. Holden, too, is one of the legion, one of the many.

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