RE: The Catcher in the Rye help with homework Chapter 15

Chapter 15


  1. Name five things Holden finds irritating about Sally Hayes.
  2. What do suitcases symbolize for Holden? Why do they disturb him?
  3. What is disturbing to Holden about a nun teaching English? What depresses him about them?
  4. Why does Holden like Mercutio (from Romeo and Juliet) so much? What does this reveal about Holden? What other character in the novel is somewhat like Mercutio?
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Name five things Holden finds irritating about Sally Hayes.

Holden wakes up around 10, smokes some cigarettes, and thinks about Jane. Basically, nothing has changed in the past 8-10 hours.
He does end up giving Sally Hayes a call. He says she’s not too smart, but he got tricked into thinking so for a while since she knew a lot about theater and literature and all that stuff. Also, he spent a lot of time making out with her, which can obscure the facts.
Once has her on the phone, they set a date to see a matinee. Then she tells him all about these boys who are just crazy over her, which is a less than tactful thing to do. After he hangs up, Holden looks out his window at the “perverts” across the way, but they all have their shades pulled down.


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