RE: The Catcher in the Rye help with homework Chapter 18

Chapter 18


  1. On page 137, what objection does Holden think Jesus would have had to the Radio City program he saw? Is he right or wrong? Defend your answer.
  2. Holden says he is an atheist? Is he? Defend your answer.
  3. Why is Holden opposed to war?
  4. Jane explains her date’s behavior by claiming he has a what?
  5. How does Holden pass the time while waiting to meet his friend?
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Why is Holden opposed to war?

Holden calls Carl Luce, a friend from the Whooton School who goes to Columbia, and plans to meet him that night. He then goes to the movies and is annoyed when a woman beside him becomes too emotional. The movie is a war film, which makes Holden think about D.B.’s experience in the war. D.B. hated the army, but had Holden read A Farewell to Arms, which in Holden’s view celebrates soldiers. Holden thinks that if there is a war, he is glad that the atomic bomb has been invented, for he would volunteer to sit right on top of it.

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