RE: The Catcher in the Rye help with homework Chapter 21

Chapter 21


  1. Characterize Phoebe.
  2. In what ways does Phoebe seem older than Holden? Who is more in touch with reality, Holden or Phoebe? Defend your answer.
  3. Why isn’t Holden recognized when he goes to his family’s apartment?
  4. Where does Holden find Phoebe sleeping?
  5. Why does Phoebe become so angry with Holden?
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Where does Holden find Phoebe sleeping?

Holden wants to visit Phoebe at the family apartment, in the middle of the night, without his parents’ knowledge. Fortunately, there is a new elevator operator on duty who does not recognize him. Holden pretends to be visiting the Dicksteins who have an apartment on the same floor as his parents. Using his key to enter, Holden sneaks to Phoebe’s room only to realize that she now is sleeping in D.B.’s room because he is away in Hollywood; she likes the huge desk and bed. Holden peruses items on her desk, by lamplight, until he wakes Phoebe.

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