RE: The Catcher in the Rye help with homework Chapter 22

Chapter 22


  1. What new insight about Holden’s school failure does Holden’s explanation to Phoebe about his expulsion give the reader?
  2. In what way is Phoebe’s discussion with Holden (beginning on page 168) mature and adult-like?
  3. How does Phoebe psychoanalyze Holden?
  4. Who is more in touch with reality, Holden or Phoebe? Defend your view.
  5. What disgusts Holden about his own vision of his future?
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Who is more in touch with reality, Holden or Phoebe? Defend your view.

Phoebe knows that everyone has to grow up someday and she is not afraid of adulthood like Holden is. She already realizes the natural course of life and she helps Holden to grow up and to stop his immature demeanor. Phoebe is a foil character in this book because she makes Holden seem that much more immature because of her level of maturity at such a young age. She is more mature than Holden and he is six years older than her. Phoebe also knows how to save her brother at some points in the story. When her parents come home she tells her mom that she was the one smoking. She lied to her mother’s face to protect Holden. Phoebe is mature for the reason of Holden being immature. She makes him a better person. She does have some problems though. She wants to leave her whole life to go and run away with Holden and I think that this is immature of her. Phoebe should have a bright future because of her early development into a mature young girl.

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