RE: The Catcher in the Rye help with homework Chapter 23

Chapter 23


  1. Why was James Castle important to Holden?
  2. How does Holden regard Mr. Antolini?
  3. How does Phoebe manipulate her mother?
  4. What does Phoebe give Holden?
  5. What does Holden’s mother smell when she comes home?
  6. What does Holden ask to borrow from Phoebe?
  7. What time is it when Holden calls Mr. Antolini?
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Why was James Castle important to Holden?

Jane is a character who we never actually meet in the novel. Her importance lies in the way that she is obviously one of the few women in the novel that Holden both likes and has a friendship with, and finds attractive. What is interesting about Holden’s relationship with Jane is that he clearly feels protective towards her, and this could mask his own attraction that he is perhaps unaware of.

Answered on 13.06.2017.
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