RE: The Catcher in the Rye help with homework Chapter 23

Chapter 23


  1. Why was James Castle important to Holden?
  2. How does Holden regard Mr. Antolini?
  3. How does Phoebe manipulate her mother?
  4. What does Phoebe give Holden?
  5. What does Holden’s mother smell when she comes home?
  6. What does Holden ask to borrow from Phoebe?
  7. What time is it when Holden calls Mr. Antolini?
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7 Answers

What time is it when Holden calls Mr. Antolini?

In the middle of the night  Holden makes a quick phone call to his favorite former English teacher, Mr. Antolini, afraid that if he takes too long, his parents may come home and find him. It takes Mr. Antolini a while to answer the phone, so he was probably sleeping. When Holden explains that he has been kicked out of Pencey, Mr. Antolini invites him over. Mr. Antolini is the one who carried James Castle’s body away when James jumped out of his window to his death. According to Holden: ‘Old Mr. Antolini felt his pulse and all, and then he took off his coat and put it over James Castle and carried him all the way over to the infirmary. He didn’t even give a damn if his coat got all bloody.’

Answered on 13.06.2017.
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