RE: The Catcher in the Rye help with homework Chapter 9

Chapter 9

  1. What Holden sees the couple at the Edmont Hotel squirting water at each other, what does he think?
  2. Holden is very aware of the way he acts and of his own identity. Cite two examples of explanations he gives for his behavior.
  3. What does Holden have against bald men?
  4. Why does Holden want to give Faith Cavendish a phony name over the phone?
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What does Holden have against bald men?

The bellboy is an old man with a combover who depresses Holden to look at. He says that he would rather be bald than comb all of his hair over to the side. He says that it was a “gorgeous” job for a guy around 65 years old to be doing, carrying luggage and waiting around for a tip. It shows that Holden does have compassion and certainly has an specific idea of what he thinks a person with a good life should be doing as an adult.


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