RE: The Great Gatsby (by Chapter 8)

  1. What was unique about Daisy to Gatsby?
  2. What increased Daisy’s value in Gatsby’s eyes?
  3. What happened one October night?
  4. What did Gatsby let Daisy believe?
  5. How did Gatsby do in the war?
  6. What did Daisy do “through the twilight universe?”
  7. What does Gatsby say about Daisy’s relationship with Tom?
  8. What time of year is it when Nick talks to Gatsby?
  9. Why didn’t Nick want to leave?
  10. How does Nick feel about the whole crowd?
  11. How did Nick feel about Gatsby?
  12. Who calls Nick while he is at work?
  13. What previous incident makes Wilson suspicious?
  14. What had Wilson found after Myrtle’s death?
  15. What did Wilson tell Myrtle before she died?
  16. What did Wilson ask someone in West Egg for directions to?
  17. What happens to Gatsby?
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15 Answers

What previous incident makes Wilson suspicious?

Nick relates what happened at Wilson’s garage after Myrtle’s death. Wilson spent all night talking to Michaelis about Myrtle, revealing that she had a lover and his suspicion that the man driving the car must have been her lover because she ran out to meet it. He told Michaelis how he had confronted her and told her she was sinning in the eyes of God. It was near dawn at this point, and Wilson was staring into the eyes of T. J. Eckleburg when he mentioned God. Wilson says he has a way of finding out who was driving the car and later that morning disappeared from the garage.

Answered on 23.06.2017.
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