RE: The Great Gatsby Questions (by Chapter 5)

  1. What did Nick first think had happened when he arrived home?
  2. What does Gatsby want to fix at Nick’s house?
  3. What does Nick say to Daisy on the phone? How does she respond?
  4. What was the weather like on the day Daisy arrived?
  5. Describe Gatsby’s attire.
  6. How was Gatsby acting?
  7. What time did Daisy arrive?
  8. What happened when Daisy arrived at Nick’s?
  9. How did Nick describe Gatsby’s reappearance?
  10. Explain the clock incident?
  11. How long has it been since Daisy and Gatsby saw each other?
  12. What has the weather done? How is it significant?
  13. What does Nick see when he returns to Gatsby and Daisy?
  14. Why is Gatsby “freaking” out in Nick’s kitchen?
  15. How are Daisy’s emotions different from Gatsby’s?
  16. What two mistakes did Gatsby make while talking to Nick?
  17. Why does Gatsby question Nick?
  18. What is Daisy’s response when she sees Gatsby’s mansion for the first time?
  19. Describe how Gatsby decorated his mansion.
  20. Explain what happens when Gatsby shows Daisy his shirts.
  21. What did Gatsby want Klipspringer to do? What was his reply?
  22. Who is the man in the photo?
  23. How does Nick feel at the end of the chapter? How does he react?
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18. She is very impressed with what she sees, she did not expect to see such a luxurious place. 

Answered on 23.06.2017.
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