RE: The Great Gatsby Questions (by Chapter 6)

  1. What did a reporter come to ask Gatsby?
  2. What was Gatsby’s real name?
  3. When had Gatsby changed his name?
  4. What does Nick say Gatsby’s parents were like?
  5. What had Gatsby been working at before he met Dan Cody?
  6. Where had Gatsby gone to college?
  7. What was Cody a product of?
  8. What did he inherit from Cody?
  9. What happened to the money?
  10. Why is Nick telling this part of the story now?
  11. Who drops in on Gatsby?
  12. What gave the party “its peculiar quality of oppressiveness?”
  13. What kind of cards is Daisy giving out?
  14. What does Gatsby do that aggravates Tom?
  15. Where do Gatsby and Daisy go during the party?
  16. What were Daisy’s feelings about West Egg?
  17. Where does Tom think Gatsby got his money?
  18. What incident does Tom use to show how Daisy feels about the party?
  19. Where does Daisy say Gatsby got his money?
  20. What bothers Gatsby about the evening?
  21. What does Nick think Gatsby wants from Daisy?
  22. What do Gatsby and Daisy plan to do when she is free of Tom?
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18 Answers

19. Daisy says Gatsby made his money from drug stores that he built up himself.

Answered on 22.06.2017.
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