RE: The Great Gatsby Questions (by Chapter 9)

  1. What does Nick remember about the day Gatsby died?
  2. What did someone refer to Wilson as?
  3. What did Nick think would happen after he heard Michaelis’ testimony?
  4. What did Catherine do that surprised Nick?
  5. How was Nick “alone?”
  6. Why was Nick responsible for the care of the body?
  7. What did Nick find out when he tried to call and tell Daisy about Gatsby’s death?
  8. What does Nick discover when he tries to contact Gatsby’s friends and associates?
  9. Why is Nick disappointed by the call from Chicago?
  10. What happened on the third day?
  11. Where had Mr. Gatz found out about the death?
  12. Where did Nick think that Mr. Gatz would want to take the body?
  13. Why won’t Klipspringer attend the funeral?
  14. What does Klipspringer want Nick to do for him?
  15. What is ironic about the sign on Meyer Wolfsheim’s office door?
  16. What lie does the secretary tell?
  17. When did Wolfsheim realize he could “use” Gatsby?
  18. What did Gatsby do for his father?
  19. What does the schedule that Gatsby kept show?
  20. What does Nick discover after he delays the funeral to wait for everyone?
  21. Who is Nick surprised to see at the funeral?
  22. What surprises Nick about Daisy’s participation in the funeral?
  23. What does Nick say this is a story of?
  24. Why is Jordan angry with Nick?
  25. When does Nick see Tom again?
  26. What does Nick confront Tom about?
  27. What were Tom and Daisy?
  28. What does Nick think of as he sits brooding?
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24 Answers

9. Nick is disappointed because he thought that was a call about personal matters but that turned out to be a business call.

Answered on 21.06.2017.
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