RE: The Great Gatsby Questions (Chapter 9)

  1. What do you find is the most crucial in the plot of Chapter 9?
  2. What is the motive publicly given for Wilson’s murder of Gatsby?
  3. What does the telephone call from Chicago tell us about Gatsby’s business?
  4. Why is Gatsby’s father so proud of him?
  5. How does Nick characterize Tom and Daisy at the end of the book? Use at least one quotation from the book to justify your answer.
  6. What does the green light symbolize at the end of the novel? Use a quotation from the book to justify your answer.
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5 Answers

4. Gatsby’s father is so proud of him because he thinks that his son is dead and as far as he remembers him, he was dedicated to his dreams and hopes for the future and his father is proud of how far he made it in life.

Answered on 20.06.2017.
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