RE: Who read Jane Eyre help me please: How does Jane feel

1. How does Jane feel about Mrs. Fairfax? (ch. 11)
2. How does Mrs. Fairfax characterize Rochester? (ch. 11)
3. How does Jane explain her own restlessness?
4. How does Jane interpret her encounter with the man who falls from his horse?

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2. How does Mrs. Fairfax characterize Rochester? (ch. 11)

She tells Jane that ‘ he has a gentleman’s tastes and habits, and he expects to have things managed in conformity to them. His character is unimpeachable, I suppose.  He is rather
peculiar, perhaps:  he has travelled a great deal, and seen a great deal of the world, I should think.  I dare say he is clever, but I never had much conversation with him. When Rochester speaks to you; you cannot be always sure whether he is in jest or earnest, whether he is pleased or the contrary; you don’t thoroughly understand him, in short–at least, I don’t:  but it is of no consequence, he is a very good master.’

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