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Hello I need to complete a Who was Robin Hood Essay for Literature class. Here are some notes I’ve found so far that prove he was a Saxon: Also, there they live like the old Robin Hood of England: and armada the time imprudently as they did in the brilliant world.” Never was the historical backdrop of a fugitive took after with such profound intrigue and enjoyment as the historical backdrop of Robin Hood. What was the explanation behind this fondness? To measure the inclination, we should recall the circumstances in which Robin lived. The country was as yet separated into two awesome classes — the Norman rulers and the Saxon ruled. The five star sharply mistreated the second, smashing them under new laws and new traditions.

Resource: Students samples of papers and Robin Hood Tales.

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All through history numerous stories have been gone down through the ages to be referred to later ages as a fantasy, or legend. A fantasy is characterized as a story, passed on from the past, which needs exact verifiable confirmation however has been, may at present be, appropriately acknowledged as being valid. One of those legends go down to us from ages is the legend of Robin Hood, the purported “Ruler of Thieves.” Robin Hood was an amazing English fugitive who stole from the rich and provided for poor people.


Answered on 23.07.2018.
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