Fahrenheit 451 help with homework

  1. What’s up with those chapter divisions? Does the plot seem suited to its three-part format? What do you make of those chapter titles?
  2. Does the violence prevalent in the futuristic world of this novel comment in any way on our own society? Do we, in a way, love violence as well? Is there anything wrong with that? What’s healthy and what’s not?
  3. Bradbury has stated that the novel is not about censorship, but since Captain Beatty cites censorship as one of the main reasons books ended up banned, we’re going to ask you this question anyway: where can we draw the line with appropriate censorship and shameless destruction of information?
  4. Check out the cover image for the 50th Anniversary Edition. What do you make of the fact that a man, made of books, is being burned, rather than just a pile of books?
  5. Bradbury says his novel is about TV replacing books, not about censorship. Does he get to say what his book is about? Is he “right”?
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