Fahrenheit 451 help with homework

Part Three – Burning Bright
1. This section is very revealing of Beatty’s character. What is revealed?
2. What major event coincides with Montag’s escape? How are the two related?
3. How does Montag foil the hound?
4. Read Handout Number Two, “Science Fiction”. Note the descriptions of the Mechanical
Hound. How is the Mechanical Hound a symbol of something else? What other images in
the reading could be symbols?
5. Reread the detailed description of the Hound (p.24) and the battle (p.120).
Why might Montag’s expression of affection to the Hound, mark a turning point
in his development? What role does affection play in this world? What might be
the significance of Montag’s final battle with the Hound? Finally, how might the
Mechanical Hound be a symbol for Montag’s world?
6. What is the purpose of the long description of the river, the woods, and the sky?
7. What purpose do the inhabitants of this wilderness have for life?
8. Why does the book end as it does?

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