Fahrenheit 451 help with homework Part 3: 1 st half

  1. How does Montag know Beatty wanted to die? Why do you think he wanted to die? Think
    about your answer to question number 1.
  2. What is remarkable and disturbing about the “declaration of war” scene at the gas station?
  3. Why do you think the kids who almost run over Montag could kill him “for no reason at all
    in the world”?
  4. What does Montag do on the way to Faber’s house, and why?
  5. What does Montag mean when he says, “I was saving something up” and “It’s a wonder it
    didn’t show on me, like fat”?
  6. How does Faber feel now, and why?
  7. What does Montag’s daydream about watching himself get caught by the Mechanical Hound
    on TV reveal about his mental state? Connect this with question number 3—could watching TV
    have something to do with this? (Refer also to the top of page 138.)
  8. What is Montag’s escape plan?
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