Fahrenheit 451 help with homework Part 3: 2-nd Half

  1. Describe Granger’s grandfather’s philosophy of life. Why does he “hate a Roman named Status Quo”? (Hint: Look status quo up in the dictionary.) Why does he reject the idea of guarantees and security in life?
  2. Why do the people of the city not believe in the bombs that kill them—why haven’t they tried to escape destruction? In what way are they like savages that don’t believe in bullets because they are invisible?
  3. Why do you think Montag suddenly remembers where he and Mildred met?
  4. What does Montag mean when he says that he wants to hold onto the world?
  5. In what way is humankind like the Phoenix? In what way is humankind different?
  6. What is the meaning of Granger’s comment about building a mirror factory?
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