Please help with homework King Lear: Discuss the contribution to King Lear


  1. Discuss the contribution to King Lear of the minor roles (such as Albany, Cornwall, Oswald, Kent, the Fool).
  2. ‘A nihilistic vision of humankind which denies all hope.’ How far is this true of King Lear?
  3. How far and in what ways is Lear changed by suffering?
  4. Write an imaginary version of the letter sent by Goneril to Regan in Act 1. It should include all the specific matters which Goneril wanted to communicate to her sister but enlarge it to encompass such other matters which you consider may have been preoccupying Goneril at this stage.
  5. Consider Act 3 Scene 4. Examine:
  • The presentation of Lear and Kent in this scene
  • How your thoughts and feelings develop through – and are shaped by –  the passage
  • The significance of this scene to the play as a whole


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