Please help with homework A Tale of Two Cities Book 2 Ch 16: More Knitting

Ch 16: More Knitting
1.      What is Defarge worried about in the first few pages of this chapter? How does Madame Defarge mitigate his fear? What does this say about each of these characters?
2.      How does John Barsad return to the action of the novel? Who is he spying for? (it is not stated explicitly—figure it out)
3.      How does Barsad’s use of the name “Jacques” differ from the others who use it? (What is Monsieur Defarge’s first name?)
4.      What does Barsad tell the Defarges? What is their reaction? How does the entire novel turn on what they say?
5.      Note how the image of knitting closes this chapter. Describe how the metaphor is extended here.
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