Please help with homework A Tale of Two Cities Book 2: Ch. 6: Hundreds of People

Ch. 6: Hundreds of People
1.      Why do the Manettes hold onto Dr. Manette’s old shoemaking equipment?
2.      We meet Miss Pross (now named) again for the first time since Book the First. What new information do we gain about her? What do we learn of her family? How would you describe her relationship with Lucie?
3.      Jarvis Lorry wonders if Dr. Manette, even though he’s lost all memory of his imprisonment, ever wonders about who put him in jail. What does Miss Pross think about this?
4.      What story does Charles Darnay tells about the Tower of London (a prison)? What is Dr. Manette’s reaction? Why might he have this reaction?
5.      List the many meanings of the title of the chapter, especially the metaphorical meaning used by Carton, Darnay and the Manettes at the end of the chapter.
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