Please help with homework A Tale of Two Cities Book 2: Ch 9: The Gorgon’s Head

Ch 9: The Gorgon’s Head
1.      What is a gorgon? (look it up if you don’t know)
2.      What does stone symbolize at the start of this chapter? Why do you think it is important?
3.      How are the Monsieur and Charles Darnay related? What is the family name?
4.      What does Darnay tell the Monsieur? What is his reasoning? What is the Monsieur’s reply?
5.      What might be the “air of mystery” in the Monsieur’s face when he confirms that Charles knows the Manettes?
6.      Who kills the Monsieur the Marquis? Why does the chapter end with the same imagery of stone?
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