Please help with homework A Tale of Two Cities Book 3 Ch 9: The Game Made

Ch 9: The Game Made
10.     How does Sydney Carton help Jarvis Lorry deal with his sadness in this chapter? What does this say about the change in Carton’s character?
11.     What does Carton buy at the chemist’s shop?
12.     As Carton walks the streets at night, Dickens describes his demeanor: “It was not a reckless manner, the manner in which he said these words aloud under the fast-sailing clouds, nor was it more expressive of negligence than defiance. It was the settled manner of a tired man, who had wandered and struggled and got lost, but who at length struck into his road and saw its end.” What does this passage say about him? What other key passages help show us something new about Sydney?
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