Please help with homework A Tale of Two Cities: Chapter 5: “The Wine Shop”

Chapter 5: “The Wine Shop”
(10)    Note the details of the wine cask breaking on the street and the people gathering around it. How does this help create mood(s)?
(11)    Who is owner of the wine-shop? Who writes BLOOD on the wall? Briefly describe this man. What does the owner say to the writer? Why?
(12)    Describe Madame Defarge. What does it mean that she has “a watchful eye that seldom seemed to look at anything”? How does she signal to her husband throughout this chapter?
(13)    All the men in the wine-shop seem to be named Jacques. Why? What is Madame Defarge doing while the men all talk to one another?
(14)    Where is Lucie’s father being kept? Why is he kept there? How did he get to the wine-shop?
(15)    Why does Defarge say he sometimes “make[s] a show” of Lucie’s father?
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