Scarlet Pimpernel help with homework: Why did the author name Sir Percy’s schooner

1.Why did the author name Sir Percy’s schooner The Day Dream?
2.The author mentions several times that Marguerite is considered to be the most brilliant woman in Europe. Why is that important? How does that enhance her as a character?
3.Armand was, at one time, an agent for the French government. What do you think changed his mind about the Revolution?
4.Percy was a rich English nobleman. Why do you think he would bother to risk his life for French aristocrats?
5.When the Comtesse de Tournay meets Marguerite in England she is very rude. The Comtesse forbids her daughter, Suzanne, to speak to Marguerite. Do you feel the Comtesse was being fair? Why or why not?
6.At what point in the story did you realize the identity of the Scarlet Pimpernel? Explain how you strung together the facts.

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