The Iliad, writing homework help: Why do you think it is important for each

1. Why do you think it is important for each side to have possession of Patroclus’ body? Why do you think bodies are so important? (Cf. Hector, pp. 430, 434-5, 467-69, 482-92.) 2. Notice how Achilles reacts to Patroclus’ death, especially what happens to his anger and to his notions of honor and glory (356-58, 365, 378, 429, 435) Do you think he revises his ideas of honor and glory? How would you describe their relationship? 3. Do you think Achilles ever finally lets go of his anger? (See pp. 442-46 and 484-85.) What do you think is Homer’s view of this anger? (justified, heroic, tragic?) 4. Why do you think Homer spends so much time describing Achilles’ new armor, especially, his shield (369-373)? Compare / contrast how Achilles and the men react to the new armor when it is delivered (374-375). 5. What do you think the scenes on the shield could symbolize? Why would a weapon of war have so many peaceful scenes on it? Compare and contrast these scenes with events in the Iliad.

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