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Once upon a time there a lived a barbarian king who loved his daughter so much that he did not want her to date, anyone. Whenever he finds any man near her daughter, he would execute them. He was a deranged man who had no empathy for anything or anyone. He triumphed in blood since he loved conquering neighboring other kingdoms and take over as an empire. After many wars, the king builds up the city and makes the empire stable than before and this time peace prevail in the kingdom. The king has a daughter called hella. Her beauty is beyond imagination with her mercury red hair and syrup lips. She has a happy personality, unlike her father. She was a wasp waist, well-varnished fingernails, rapture blue eyes and a soothing voice. Her mother died of sickness, and she was left alone. She loves but also fears her father because she thinks that her father has no heart.
(In the palace in her room hella is with her servant, her friend)
Hella: am bored I want to take I walk in the fields, will you come with me?
Shree: after I finish making your hair and nails we will go wherever you want princes, you better make a smile on yours.
Hella: (smiling) you are the best shree. Tell me something, who is the boy I saw across the fields yesterday, do you know him
Shree: don’t even think about it you know your father, do you want to send the boy to his early death.
Hella, the princes, had fallen in love with various men on the back of his father who will never want any man marry his daughter. The king thinks that his daughter cannot be associated with a commoner. All the three men were sentenced to death in the arena for people to see and get a warning. As a punishment, the king would expose the boys to the field and let a beast devour them. All men in the kingdom feared to be associated with the princes because they knew what would happen if the king finds out.
(After shree finishes making the princes hair they walks out to the yard in the neighboring village with their hoses)
Hella: it is a beautiful day, just look at how the sun is shining, and the birds are singing in the sky, wow! It is lovely.
Shree: am used to this you know, maybe us should stop spending most of your time in the palace
Hella: you sometimes I think am cursed, everyman I fall in love with eventually dies or worst. That is why I rather stay in my room than walking out, people fear me because of my father, and no man likes to be associated with me. For how long will I live like this?
Shree: am sorry princes, but I know everything will be just fine, one day your father will come to realize that and permit you.
Hella: haha (she laughs) that barbaric father of mine? So selfish he wants me to marry the prince of west Lands because he wants to make a coalition with them. We want me to accept so that I would control the prince after he becomes king.
(They reach a forest, and they alight from their horses as they head to the river to take some water. As they arrive, they find a young man on the opposite side of the rive giving his horse water. Hella’s eyes meet the young man’s his name Martin. The boy had a Viking-gold hair, defined cheekbones; he was shy with deep voice wearing stylish clothes. His personality was adventurous. From that day Martin and Hella fell in love secretly. They continuously met each other in the river every day for six months until one day the king realized his daughter had fallen in love with another boy.
(The king call for the commander, Peter)
Peter: My king I have heard u needed to talk to me
King: I want you to bring me a particular boy from the Kuchi village; he is seeing my daughter, and I will not let it happen
Peter: as you wish my king
(Peter walks out to take his horse and rides to the West Lands. The following day he returns with the boy with his hand tied to the king.
King: well well well, what do we have here, I have heard you are seeing my daughter, do you know what I do to people like you
Martin: am sorry your highness but I love your daughter, and I do not have bad intentions for her
King: how dare you! Send this fifth to the cell as we wait for his execution.
(The king decides to execute the boy in public the same way as other men who were associated with his daughter. Everyone knew what will happen to the boy and they feared for him)
Hella: dad please doesn’t do this for God’s sake. I love him, and it is my fault not his, kill me instead
Hella pleads with his father and reminds him what her mother would want. After some hours of asking the king decides to offer some option to the boy.
King: this is what I would do, I will give the boy a fair trial, I would provide two doors, one door would be empty, and the other one would have a hungry lion inside. If the boy gets luck to open the hollow door, then he would be innocent of his crimes. If he opens the door with the lion, he would be guilty, and he would be eaten by the lion. That is the best I can do for the sake of your departed mother.
Hella: thank you daddy (she is relieved because at least she has some hopes that her lover might survive)
The king, on the other hand, does not think that the boy would escape this punishment, he believes the boy is guilty of falling in love with his daughter.
Peter: (kneeling down on the floor in prison) oh! God! Don’t let me be killed like the other men and I have done no wrong.
The princes, on the other hand, try to find out which door would contain the lion and which one would not to save his lover’s life as the days continue to count for the execution.
Hella: shree… I can’t believe what would happen to him, I love him, and I don’t want anything to happen to him
Shree: calm down dear, everything is going to be okay
Hella: I don’t know that, help me find which door will contain the lion so that we might save Martin
Shree: I hate it when you look at me like that, okay let go and find out
They go and peep at Peter as he takes a big hungry lion to the entrance, unluckily Peter realizes they were spying on him and warned them.
Peter: princes I know you are hiding in here, come out, you know this has to happen. Am in kings orders, and I cannot go against him although I understand this is wrong. Just leave before the king realizes you are hearing. (hella and shree walks away in pain and despair because they have failed. Hella knows for sure his lover will die.
The following day is here, and it is seen as a big day. The king orders the servant to bath the boy and is sent to the arena where people would be entertained. Everybody arrives at the stadium with Hella seated beside his father. Without further ado, Martin enters the stadium in front of his is two big doors. He is expected to open either one of them. The wrong choice would cause him his life.
Martin: trembling with fear, threw his eyes and met Hella’s God, I don’t want to die please save me
He could not believe that death stood before him. The crowd is silent as they know for sure the boy is going to be eaten
King: my daughter I told you to stop falling in love with low life people and you won’t listen now you have to see once again someone getting killed because of you
Hella: (with a weak voice) promise me if he survives you will let us be
King: if the boy survives I will give him marry you
Martin, on the other hand, struggles to make a step forward. With a deep breath, he opens one of the doors. Silence in the arena with shocking faces everywhere. Alas!
Hella: Hurrah, Hurrah
Crowd: heee, heee.
The king walks away in anger. Martin at last survives, and the king changes his heart and allows his daughter to get married to the man of her choice.

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