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Computer Games
There are a number of research work conducted to investigate several effects that playing computer games brings about in schools. Some of these researches have clearly shown that there are positive results linked to the playing of computer games and the children studying in school while others have typically have a contradicting idea in response to computer games effect on school routines and the students in school. For instance, I am for the idea of supporting computer games and their impacts in schools. When I was a little kid for instance, I really loved playing video games on computers. I used to play different games on different computers and therefore, I used to make sure that I got in touch with different types of computers which were on different computers. That is how I used to spend most of my time at those early ages. Following my early life events, there are several life lesson that I practically learnt and generally any person who has been to this can attest to that. Practically, most of what I learnt from this were the aspects of the games that I used to play from different computers. I learnt that, at a certain level on micro wave, the music from the bar scene in star war comes in. However, my parents were not at all expecting me to be so used to computer games, I just used to be engaged in illegal gaming. This essay paper therefore serves to provide evidence on the fact that computer games can be effectively applied in or can used for classroom instruction.
It is true according to me that these computer lessons are basically applied in the classroom procedures and best results can be attested to following their inclusion in the system. For instance, you would only need to find an interesting computer game out there. My best example for this is the Minecraft which basically stands at over 10 million users. It is and has been described as one of the most educational games available in the world of computing today. It can basically be applied in lesson plan and classroom teaching. Like Minecraft, it is basically used in the teaching of mathematics. Apart from the simple multiplication that it can be used to do, Minecraft can also be used to handle geography, science and in developing the best models in the community. Just like Keith Devlin argues, computer games are mostly and best used in teaching maths. It is quite evident from the results that we have had before that computer games contain a lot of educational materials that should be used for knowledge development.
[bookmark: _GoBack] On another light note, the computer games are mostly designed in a way to ensure that children thinking has been enhanced. The children are normally keen on the game they are most likely to be playing and still in the same scenario, they learn of the lesson or the program that is normally intended for them in particular. The best example in this is the fact that, you cannot just use any example in the classroom and expect students to pay attention. What basically happens is that, the instructor comes up with a new computer game to attract the attention of the children ………..

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