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Dr. Thompson
16, November 2017
Hair Extension Application
At some point in a woman’s life many of them believes that performing hair extension services does not need some profession, the woman in charge must have some decline in the changes. As it is opposed in the hair style, the appearance, temperament and personality should coarse with the course curly hair which is the consultation based on the client under one of the most important steps in assessing the woman profession as in hair dresser it’s all about to get into a decent state. Think of she as a painter and then ensure that you practice your profession in a precise way when she is about to begin painting on a canvas, wouldn’t one want to know what the canvas was made out of, or if she is in a state which does satisfy her personality then it is good to look for a technical foundation to design your hair which will sooth your stimuli and raise your emotions.
As we begin to consultation with the client one need to have access of the condition of their hair. Is their hair compromised in any way, meaning, has it been damaged, are they losing and hair? Do they have maintained hair, meaning, do they come in for color, haircuts or perms on a regular basis? These are important things to find out before beginning any services, because she need to know not only what kind of condition the hair is in, but she should also need to have consistent view of the different designs. According to most of the clients we should know where we can have the basic foundation as well to adjust and discuss on hair vision. I am going to dwell back to the idea of the painter, what does my client want her to paint? We will need to ask the client based on we will vision her hair to look like once one has finished applying the hair extensions. The best way to do this is having most of the client having the potential to bring in some pictures so that we can really see what kind of vision she has in her head. Moreover most of the vison are based in a move that will leave them deserving for a return back. Most of the client should focus on having a decent made hair based on his decision. For one to be creative in his view, we need to emulate on how the we can paint with the colors we already have.
Despite all of this we have to give some focus on the hair as it is discussed by different client’s vision of the finished look we will then match her hair color, so that one can order the correct shade. This is one of the most important steps, because if the shade it is not right, the finished look will not be right. Shade matching is best done with a color that satisfies the client from the company we may plan on ordering hair from. Their color will have a variety of shades from white, to black and to every color in between. They do not recommend purchasing hair extensions if she do not have a color ring. According to this we are sure that most design do not begin their artwork with dirty brushes and neither should he decide on the same.
Once we begin the application process one will want to start by shampooing and blow drying client’s hair to ensure it is clean and free of any oil that may compromise her adhesive. She will want to use an oil free clarifying shampoo, because this will remove all excess oil without compromising the integrity of her client’s hair. In vision the hair dresser paint based on where one should decide to begin. If her hair is completely blown dry, she will section the hair in four large sections. Two vertical sections on the right side, and two vertical sections on the left side. According to the client decision we shall start at the head and also this can hide the ear and the peck of the occipital bone at the nape of the neck. We all know that she have her four large sections, we will then make smaller horizontal sections starting at the nape of the neck. Once done we will section a one inch section horizontally, but ensuring that we stay within her vertical sections.
We must give a clear understand to most of the people based on our vison which is clear and precise to most of the canvas and how we can begin the submission. On that view her sectioning is complete once we begin the application process. Application is key, now that we have nice clean sections this step will be a breeze. We will take a small sections from one of the horizontal sectioning, on more than twelve to fifteen pieces of hair. Once we have that small section isolated in her hand, we will be in position to will place one hair extension under her isolated section, take one of his heating tool and carefully place the small section of hair and hair extension between the heating tool, after five to ten seconds we will have adhesive which will be pliable enough for full rolling it into the hair. We will then take your index finger, and her thumb, rolling the hair extension back and forth until the adhesive has cooled. Once we shall repeat this process until her hair is at the end of her horizontal section. One shall repeat your one inch horizontal sectioning methods in all four vertical sections, until you have reached the crown of the head. According, to the clients views the blow drying are mostly based on the horizontal index. Once this it’s done it will ensure that it the duration of the client back into the extension has been prolonged and may be composed of a vertical and horizontal sectioning. One need to be keen on the client that you are handling in order to ensure that no interference at all occurs.
In conclusion one will also ensure that all of his ideas to make sure the client knows how to maintain her master piece she has worked so hard on. When one wouldn’t want to hang it up on the wall and let dust accumulate. Maintenance is key in the hair extension maintenance is when your client will need you to remove the hair extensions. One will need to remove the hair extensions every three to six months depending on how rapidly her client’s hair grows. If the hair extension is one inch from the scalp you will need to remove them, the reasoning is that his is naturally and she will lose fifty to one hundred hair a day naturally, so think of how many hairs have naturally let go, but they are trapped within the bond adhesive. The twelve to fifteen pieces of hair are approximately attached to ten to eight pieces of hair, she do not want stress to the hair if she do it could compromise the hair by making it false. In this essay there are some views which can give some technical outcome and needs to be addressed in a good framework.
Process Peer Review Sheet
1. Does the paper have a title? If so, is the title interesting? It is better to avoid the phrase “How To” in the title, so if the paper has this phrase, suggest something different.
· The title is a little bland and too straightforward. “Hair extension application” does not really capture the reader’s attention try something like “flawless extension application” or something that is more interesting.
2. Does the paper have a thesis statement in the introduction that tells which process the paper will analyze?
· Yes, I think there was a thesis statement but it was not clearly expressed in the paper.
3. Is the introduction interesting? Is there a hook that grabs the reader’s attention?
· The introduction was not very interesting. There wasn’t really a part that grabbed the readers’ attention.
4. How many steps does the process have?
· I believe there was 6 or 7 steps to the paragraph. There were three steps in what I believe was the thesis statement but those steps all were preapplication steps and then there was more steps to the process scattered in to the paragraphs. The paper was hard to follow.
5. Is each step described in a separate paragraph?
· The steps are not clear in the paragraphs.
6. Does the author use transition words to help the reader move through the process? Mark the transition words and phrases that you see. If you find places that need more transitions, let the author know.
· Yes, but more are needed. Transition words marked in yellow.
7. Has the author used descriptive language to make his/her writing interesting?
· Yes, but it did not necessarily make the paper interesting. The paper was hard to follow and some descriptions lacked relevancy.
8. Does each body paragraph have a topic sentence and concluding sentence?
· No, this was addressed in comments.
9. Mark the paper’s best paragraph and explain why you feel that it is the best.
10. Is the paper formatted in MLA?
· Yes, but there are some mistakes.
11. Is the paper written in third person? Mark any first and/or second person pronouns that you see in the paper (I, me, you, we, us, your, our)
12. Are there errors in grammar, punctuation, diction, or syntax? If so, mark a few of the errors and let the author know that more editing is needed.
· Addressed in comments. No indent in paragraphs, unclear where paragraphs start and stop.
13. Use the Plus/Delta Sheet below to list the three things that the author has done well (Plus) and the three things that the author most needs to change or improve (Delta)
· Author is knowledgeable about topic
· Transition words are used
· Descriptive language
· Written in second person
· Introduction was not very interesting
· Mistakes in MLA FORMAT (commented on)

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