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Child day care is an essential resource for parenting students.
Quality and reliable daycare services allows students to further with their college education and graduate successfully.
Excelling in education enables the students to acquire a quality economic life in which they can provide for their children, community, families and contribute to the development of the nation’s economy.
The anticipated child daycare center will be constructed at Baker College of Allen Park, building B room 107.
The daycare will provide care for students’ toddlers and children that attend Bakers College.
The establishment, construction, and operation of the daycare will require much capital and thus eligible for substantial funding. Therefore, various funding sources can help maneuver the challenge.
Federal financing sources
Child Care and Development Funds that constitute the primary national program that deals with children care services and quality.
Child and Adult Care Food Programs that is managed by United States Department of agriculture.
USDA Special Milk Program- it will cater for toddlers’ milk costs
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.
Individuals with Disability Education Act Grants
Perkins Grants finances academic support operations
State financing sources
Michigan’s Targeted State Higher Education Funding for Campus
Prekindergarten funding
State Child Care Funding
Child and Dependent Care Tax Credits
Other financial sources
Baker College financial support
Donations from charities

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