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[bookmark: _GoBack]Ethical decision making is a good thing to all the clinical psychological practices which is by the formulated ethical frameworks of the ceiling professional. For every professional, it is important to be ethical mindful of the ethical basis and practices that are required for each, and everyone qualifies a member of a given profession. In deterring this topic, we must defy the terminologies used to make sense of the whole discipline. Ethical decision making is defined as the process used by clinicians or even cancellers to define their actions and the choices they make. This issue is drowning from the professional values, standards and behavior that are informed by the practices (Ruger, 2004). The whole practice involves gathering information, facts to help determine whether the problem or a dilemma exist in the context of the decision. Professional makes use of the framework of the client right and the professional responsibility to make a good decision. It also gives a process of making a divergent cause of action and their application as applied by the client. This also chooses the light of the conflicting values and principles as well as the responsibilities that are used to determine the individual interest.
Is guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct under section 139B of the National Law in that the practitioner has:
Engaged in the misconduct that demonstrates the Knowledge of the skills and judgment that is possessed or is care exercise by the professional on the practice of psychology. There are some particulars that are very important to the practitioner but were not followed in this case. The practitioner must notice that when two of the particulars are not well followed, there should be found that can tell the practitioner that the findings are right. This also shows that the finding is justified.
The other part Is that the practitioner failed to provide and adulate environment for the treatment of Patient A. he did this by failing to review the temporary diagnosis of the drugs during the therapy.
The practitioner failed to provide adequate care and treatment to Patient A in that he:
Failing to consider another therapy means failing to form a clear and strict relationship with the patient. There was also no proper care treatment to patient A in the sense that he suggested to the patient to review material such the book, the photography work of the Hamilton, and some sexually related material which did not make any sense to the patient
In the year 2011, the practitioner failed to correctly manage the reference and counter-transference issues of the patient which are related to the patient A .this is through failure to seek an advisory opinion from a senior and a more experienced collogues.
He also failed to terminate treatment of the talent and offer a transfer to the patient.
Also failed to terminate the treatment of patient Cant give and transfer for another treatment. And Finlay accepts a new patient to is treatment rather than transferring him to another psychological doctor.
Ethical, professional, social and legal elements of the case study identified.
There are several ethical issues of the above case study. It was unethical for the practitioner to fail to provide an adequate care and the treatment to the patient. The psychologist profession request that the practitioner takes maximum caution of the patient under their care without fail or any compromise. He did not demonstrate his professional duty when he failed to review the provisional diagnosis during the therapy.
The Practitioner. The social and legal element was violated by the practitioner when he failed to create a conducive environment of the relationship between him and the patient. The social conduct of the psychological and therapist requires that there should be a relationship that exists between the practitioner and the patient and this relationship should be kept at a professional level as possible. For this case, the failure by the practice to provide the patient with treatment and instead discrete patient A to go and read certain area which some were sexual ordinate shows that he did not obey the social values of the profession.
On the legal issue, the practitioner also violated that law by allowing the patient to make a choice for him or herself over the kind of treatment they would desire. This is not right as the practitioner could easily refer the patient to a different doctor for a professional attention. Additionally, it is against the law f psychological practice for professionals to engage with their doctor sexually. According to this case study, the professional advice the patient to go read material the was sexual suggestive a matter that automatically suggests that his intention for the patient was to has sexual advances toward him.
Appropriate professional and legal responses to the case study outlined, based on codes of ethics, professional standards and legislation
An appropriate response to the case study
According to the Australian code of conduct of the Australian, the patient welfare is one of the key concerns of every practitioner.
The psychologist should seek to contribute to the welfare of the pertinent of the all the atoned they interact with. According to this case, this was not the case since the practitioner did not put into consideration of the patient welfare bust instead left them to do reassert for themselves. In this tonight practice, the psychology should way the welfare and the right to their patients. Users costal from the tire, when there is a conflict, the psychology must be able to solve the concern and at the same time perform their roles in a more responsible way to avoid harming their patient (Mechanic &Rochefort, 2013). They should also ace ice their powers to the real sense that ascribe to differences in power other and do not explain mislead people during the are professional practices.
Contrary to the case, the psychologist is always a concern to divert the cause of human suffering. When doing this research, they strive to work towards the advancing the scientific psychology. This case involved psychology who have majorly misuse their work. This is the cause of the law compliant and encourages the development of the law social policy that will serve the patient interest. In admitting the new patient, one of the leys issues is that the patient should be to be admitted when the practitioner is ready to do so and can administer the tea the in the right way.
Relevant literature on the code of ethics issues.
There are general ethical standards that govern the conduct and behavior of the psychologist practices and enhancements. The psychological society of Australian presents and articulates some set of specific standards that help in guiding the members that are to the public and helps in clearing the understanding of the expectation of the society members. This stipulates what is required of the entire psychologist. This body put a mandatory and emphasis on the importance of reviewing the code of conducts all the professionals who are engaged in the acts and the situation of the law. This cause relevance association and the environment. The atrial body was incepted in the year 1960 has been having a periodic review such as in 1960, 1968 and 1997. This society has attempted to reflect on establishing the principles, and the practices carried out by the professional within the context of the body. The main purpose of the reviewing is to incorporate the changes that have been taking place ever since its inception. These changes are very important since they are mending to accommodate every professional member who joins the body.
The current code has been development form the on-going process that involves reflection within the society on the ethical issues, and responsibilities for the psychological reviews started in 1997 code of conduct. This is not compared to the working of the entire body. The code is formulated based on the three general principles of human ethics. The first principle is
· Respect.
· Priority
· And the integrity of the human wellbeing.
The three general principles combine the respect for the dignity and the respect of the right and principle of the peoples, and this includes the autonomous rights. Australasian code of conduct is complimented with the ethical guidelines whose serves that purpose of clarifying and amplifying the application of the general principles and more particularly the standard which is in the code. This helps in facilitating their interpretation in a contemporary way. This guideline is part of the psychologist who shows to have worked inconsistently with the guidelines must face the full force of the law. The psychologist must respect and the profession by the laws and the Jurisdiction. This code must be well interpreted by those who are referencing to it. However, not necessarily in deference to all the organization procedural rules and procedures in which the professionals may be subject.
The professional body state that another party of any other party that is the professional can deliver a service to is not limited because they are not limited. The client means that the meaning of the client is a being a party or parties, which are receiving services such as teaching, supervision research or families of a group member who is contended of community communication with the psychologist or even paying for the services. The code which is amended most of the time means the interpretation, the application and the application of general principles of the of the ethical standards. On the other hand, conduct means that there are some acts of omission from the practitioner in delivering his or her services. The following are very important point to note when dealing with psychology
There should be no psychology which cast doubt on the competence and the ability to practice as the psychologist (Munn-Giddings&Winter, 2013). This would be a compromise to the entire practice. There should be no damage in the action of what the people get. Just like experienced in the case analysis, the practitioner compromised their duty to deliver services. He later failed to refer to a better experienced professional for the interpretation of the problem. This act damage the practice and the conduct of the profession.
The second point is the practice based on the psychological from which harms the trust of the carer and profession of psychology. Australian psychology cod of conduct recognize and put more emphasis on the importance of the public. Due to this emphasizes, the practitioner is given no chance to ruin the community but are forced to be committed to maintain the public trust and to a greater extent make the whole public to have more consultative engagement with the professional. This is a bid respect and maintains the professional’s credibility.
The final point is that they need to respect their capacity as members of the psychological society. It is recognized that self-respect is a very key point to the practitioner. The code of conduct refers every psychology to review their self-respect first before they can attend to any of the patients. With self-respect, it is also noted that they should put more respect on the client who they serve at all time. This respect defines the way they will handle certain cases and secrets told to them by their patients.
In conclusion, the field of psychology is a very important and sensitive field because it deals with a patient who needs very close care and relationships.

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