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Expository paper
The expository paper is a category of the essay that requires the student to develop an argument concerning the idea in that paper whether it’s clear and concise manner. A written good essay allows the reader to understand the information in the essay. To develop a good essay there are the guidelines that need to be followed. Examples the writer has to decide what he wants to write, preparing the outlines of the topics. The writer has to write a thesis statement which introduces the essay which explains the discussed topics. Proper use of grammar and punctuation have to be used, the writer is also required to develop clear and understandable paragraph in the body. Moreover, conclusions at the end are important because of the recommendation of the discussed topic. When this all guidelines are applied in the essay the students will able to pass the information and hence get the good grade. Sonny blues is an essay written by James Baldwin, the essay is not clear and concise manner because of the following reason.
Introduction format
Firstly, the introduction in the essay is not in a concise manner, a good introduction prepares the person reading the information. The introduction should inform and give the facts of the topic straight up. Also gives the reader the interest in reading the story, it attracts the minds due to proper arrangement of the flow of the story. After reading the introduction the reader is able to tell what the topic is about and the expectation. In the sonny blues essay, the introduction is not clear and it’s hard to explain the information conveyed by the writer. They are also poor grammar and punctuation in the introduction which contributes to a poor grade (Irmscher, p, 30). The writer has repeated word many times in the introduction ‘I read’ this makes the introduction to be boring and difficult to understand. The writer has also used poor grammar in the introduction example ‘spelling out the story’ this makes the reader become bored and may not get the information the writer is conveying.
In addition, the writer of Sonny blues has not used transition in the essay. Transition words are used to link words, sentence and the phrases in the essay. They attract the mind of the reader and give him the deeper understanding of the story. Transition words assist the reader to progress from the one information to the next information in the paragraph. They also improve the information conveyed by giving the sentence weight, especially where they are important information that the writer wants to convey. Moreover, the transition words build up coherent relationship inside the text. The Sonny blues essay lack transition words in the paragraph, this make it difficult to understand the information that the writer is conveying. The writer could have used the transition word so that he can be able to attract the reader attention. Lack of transition word in the essay makes it more boring and the reader may ignore some part of it hence missing the information conveyed.
Topic sentence
Furthermore, the Sonny blues essay lack the topic sentence which is very important when writing an essay. The topic sentence helps the reader to identify the main idea in the paragraph; it always appears first before starting the paragraph. The topic sentence introduces the point the writer wants to talk about, it usually guides the reader when reading. It also shows the flow of the story the writer is narrating, this helps the reader to capture the message in an easier war. The writer of the Sonny blues did not use the topic sentence in the essay; this makes reading difficult to understand what the writer is talking about. It hard to understand some sentence in the paragraph this result to different ideas in the same paragraph; these ideas tend to confuse the reader. Topic sentence mostly attracts the reader attention and gives him the moral of reading the story, in the Sonny blues the writer have to ignore the topic sentence hence boring the reader.
Short paragraph containing different ideas
Additionally, the writer of Sonny blues has used short paragraph which has no meaning. He has also used the wrong paragraph which the sentence has been repeated several. The paragraph in an essay should discuss ideas in the sentence topic, this attract the mind of the reader and get the information easily. The effective paragraph contains the following topic sentence which contains the ideas to be discussed in the paragraph. Coherence is another factor to be considered, which refer to how the flow of ideas has been discussed in the paragraph. Moreover, the paragraph should be adequately developed this describes and explain the topic sentence. And also they should be unity of sentence; this explains how the ideas of the paragraph have been connected together. Through the paragraph will able to convey the message the writer is trying to, this will attract the reader attention and also been able to understand the story. The Sonny blues story paragraph have not been constructed well, some paragraph contains more than one idea which results in different ideas in one paragraph. This tends to confuse the reader and may get tired of reading the story.
Wrong punctuation
Additionally, the writer in the Sonny blues has punctuated the sentence wrong resulting in different information from which he wants to narrate. Punctuation is the application of conventional signs and spacing. Punctuation allows correct reading of the paragraph and also helps the reader to understand the information or the story narrated by the writer. English punctuation is a must because the reader cannot understand the information communicated without punctuation marks. In the Sonny blues, the writer has used punctuation wrong making difficult to understand the story he is narrating. He has used wrong punctuation in the conversation example, “sure,” I said. “You do that. So long” this is wrong conversation statements it confuses the reader and he may lack to get the information the writer is conveying.
In conclusions, to develop a good essay they are some important factor should be considered. These are proper punctuation, topic sentence, use of grammar and vocabulary. These factors help the reader to get the information conveyed by the writer. When they have ignored especially the punctuation they tend to change the information of the writer. Proper punctuation, good grammar, and use of topic sentence they attract the attention of the reader. This helps him to understand and have the moral of reading the story. The writer in Sonny blues has ignored this factor resulting in poor essay format and different ideology in the same paragraph.
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