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Effects of media on communication
The way in which people interact with mass media play a significant role in shaping the language they use when communicating. In the context of my writing my speech, I will refer to a primary source “10 ways television has changed the way we talk.” The task in consideration will explore the nature of the course though presenting views on the effects of television and mass media on the way people communicate. To be in a position of exploring the quality of the course in a detailed manner, positive and negative impacts of television sets and way people communicate will be reflected in the speech. Specifically, the speech is aimed at addressing the whole world at large, but precisely the conversation will refer to people who spend most of their time listening to new rappers as they play a significant role in making the artist prevail in the modern society. Logically the speech will connect the effects of media on language. Though defining the impacts of media on language, the speech will serve as a platform in which people can shape their language skills.
Effects of media on language
Media plays a significant role in developing the language that people use to communicate with each other. Human beings are adaptive implying that they have a tendency of adapting to their immediate environment and things taking place around them. The life that many people lead in California is engulfed with spending most of their time watching television. The television sets air music of the upcoming artist, which in most cases does not have an appealing message to the audience. Having noted that the music played on the television sets does not contain a positive message on the audience, it will be advisable for people to stop listening and encouraging upcoming rap artists, instead, they should be listening to rap that has real meaning.
A good number of rappers in the current world are composing rap music that is campaigning for drug use, guns and high life. The language used to address the noted society features is in most cases vulgar language. Frequent listening to music composed in a vulgar language makes the listener of the music start communicating with the same language used in the music. The overall effect of listening to current rap music is that the affected people will develop a tendency of communicating using the same language they get exposed to in the music they listen. Even though listening to such rap music is associated with negative implication to the members of the society, it can contribute to high levels of appreciation of modern form communication thus not all rap music should be shunned from the society.
Having stipulated the direction in which rap music can take the society in the current world, it serves great importance mention that the major objective of the speech is convincing people all over the world to have a better direction of choosing what type rap music they listen or watch from their television sets. As noted in the introduction section of the essay human beings are social beings who tend to adopt a life the kind of life of activities that are currently taking place around them. Frequent watching the television subject an individual to facing various communications improvements that are associated with both negative and positive effects on the individual in question. Together with the noted effects of rap music on communication, when exposed to frequent watching the television sees to it that a change of the way people use communication devices in the process of presenting their speech to the audience. A survey conducted on effects of television sets on language indicates that TV was having negative impact on young people by making them adapt use a foul language when communicating.
With the growth of technology, people are being introduced to jargon language that has in turn messed up the way in which communication in the current society is taking shape. It calls for an individual to be conversant with the utilization of Jargon language for him or her to fit in the current world of communication. Many people hold the belief that TV makes people sound the same. The ideology, however, holds no validity in that different television presenters make use of various speech patterns and dialects forms (John, n.p). Despite the facts that television makes people adapt varying communication methods, television does play a role defining how words and expressions become part of our dictionary. Frequent utilization of certain words in television makes people develop an insight of the definite meaning of the word thus aiding in improving the usage of the vocabulary in the sense of communicating.
Together with the issue of television affecting communication in a social setting, other aspects play a significant role shaping the way people communicate. Specifically, culture and context play a significant role in shaping language and meaning. Starting with cultural aspects, it can be argued that under certain beliefs, an individual can choose to use a specific type of communicating devices that cannot be used to address a different cultural group. For instance, there is some form of communication that an individual cannot use to address elderly people in society while the same communication type can be used to address another audience effectively. On the other hand, the context in which an individual communicate defines clear stipulations of what direction communication will take (Cai, Shaohan & Minjoon Jun, p.15). In context, it is vital mentioning that the circumstances in which a message is delivered play a vital role in defining the way in which a speaker presents his speech to the audience. For instance, while addressing an audience of teens, it is advisable to utilize the words that the teens like using. Using such a tactic makes the youth feel appreciated thus their attention is ensured though out the communication.
Media has played a significant role in shaping the way in which people communicate. The effect on press on communications bears both negative and positive implications on the society. Some of the most conspicuous ways in which the media has affected the way people communicate are introducing slang language, improving the language people use, there has been the introduction of acronyms that have in turn facilitated the way in which people compose short-form writing. The presented facts depicts that media has played a significant role in shaping the way in which people communicate by either introducing new ideologies or demoting the process of communication. Even though the mass media has played the stipulated roles in seeing to it improved communication, some forms of media should be decided wisely since they introduce negative implications on the way people communicate.
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